Our Story

Lambo started shooting and hunting when he was very young (10 years old) when  visiting the local trap club in Parker, AZ, the family vacation home site.  His abilities were good enough to be invited by the senior group to attend his first dove hunt.  As he got older, his passion for the sport and the comraderies that comes with it.  He especially enjoyed training and working with dogs.  When he met his wife, Linda, she also enjoyed working with the dogs and so she joined Lambo in his adventures.  They became members of CHHP, a hunting preserve in Northern California, where he tried sporting clay shooting and became addicted.  As their family grew, their granddaughter, Josey Martin, showed an interest in clays.  She was 12 years old and within the first year she won the Ladies California State Championship.  Lambo's grew from there - booking hunt trips throughout the country and shooting competitively across the U.S.